Alsaif Medical Center

Provides high standard of health care with advanced medical technology, with a safe environment, supported by strong and lasting relationships with various health providers and institutions to ensure the quality of our health services.

To be nationally recognized institution of excellence in patient care by exceeding expectations through the advanced medical services and remain as the most as the most trusted partner in healthy living.

Our Story

Family owned and operated, Al-Saif Medical Center offers patients the full range of options for vision correction surgery available today. Even though Al-Saif Medical Center has performed thousands of surgeries, we will only recommend a procedure if we are confident that you will get the results you are looking for. We offer refractive surgeries with both laser and lens options. We can recommend the type of surgery that is most suitable for your individual vision problems. Al-Saif Medical Center is a state-of-the-art, quality, and compassionate eye care center that was launched in 2000 and became a leader among private health institutions that practice ophthalmology and its subspecialties.
Our center was built on a land of 3700 square meters and Licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Health with license no. 038-103-022-023-00339 to provide Laser vision correction, cataract, surgery, glaucoma, corneal external eye disease, retina, and oculoplastic services.